Why am I telling You this story?

These experiences and many, many more like it, inspired me to learn how I can help people with overcoming inner blocks, fears, suppressed emotions, addictions, weight, stress and other health issues. I work with people to help them balance their lives through aligning their Primary foods – relationships, career, physical activity, spirituality and Secondary Food – nutrition, the actual food they feed their bodies with. Together we look at the different aspects of their life, the symptoms their body is giving them to learn more about health, we look at what they eat and how the body reacts to the food and how healthy is their gut. We look as well into how to prepare easily more nutritious meals based on individual needs – no more dieting!

I help parents raise healthier, happier children in a more natural, holistic way. I know parents are exhausted. Most of them are doing the best they know how to do, the best they can. But unfortunately, many are overcompensating and accidentally ‘hurting’ their kids with too many sugary foods, highly processed foods or presents. I’ve come to learn that this often is rooted in their own upbringing, their own childhoods. I started coaching parents how they can parent in their own way (not just the way they were raised), helping them recognize their own truth of parenting, learn that it’s okay not to be perfect parents (which is the society telling who to be and setting the standards of it), that it’s alright to say no to their kids and learn how to love themselves, even if they feel they can’t.

I have made a commitment to dedicate the rest of my professional life to help clients to master their body talks and help them break their addictions, procrastination, get unstuck. I help people to access confidence, self love, healing, abundance, health, access their full potential and break free to live life they always dreamed of.
Since then, I’ve worked with many private clients, spoken in front of countless groups. Now I am working toward my dream of travelling the world, starting my own family and living my best dream life ever.

I have created the Ignite Your Potential™ a series of 10 important emotional and nutritional steps every person needs to apply to live healthier and happier life where they can get control of their own health, accept themselves the way they are, who they are, love themselves and allow others to love them – tune into self love. Life, where there is no more dieting, tiredness, addictions to numb their feelings or thoughts but sleep is refreshing and they can generally feel better. For those who are parents, this program will help raise healthy and happy children and families.

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