‘Just as food is needed for the body, Love is needed for the soul.’ Osho

When we say FOOD, the first thing that usually pops into our mind is something we can eat, we can touch, chew or taste. Food is not only what we put on our plate, in our mouth, into our bodies. Our thoughts and beliefs also feed and nourish us on different levels.

Do you remember the time when you were happy? Excited about something? Do you remember how you felt?

I remember the time when I lost 15 kilos by literally doing nothing. I was so happy that time and, I wasn’t on any diet. I had a new job, new colleagues, with whom I had a beautiful relationship. I met this amazing guy, we understood each other so well, and we are still very good friends.

My life was suddenly very different. I had so many things going on in my life, which made me happy that I forgot to eat sometimes. Or when I ate, I enjoyed eating. I ate as much as my body truly needed, I had no need to snack in between or use food as an excuse to make myself feel happier for a moment. All that was on my mind, was my career and relationship and that kept me buzzing. Sound familiar?

Joshua Rosenthal, Founder and Director of the Institute of Integrated Nutrition, pioneered this term 30 years ago. He realised that people who were happy, enjoying themselves, happy in their relationships, career, were healthier and bought more healthy natural food from the health food store he worked in.

Food is something which keeps us alive, but our mind makes us live longer when everything is in balance in our lives.

So what are these Primary Foods exactly?

Well, those are our Relationships, Careers, Movements and Spirituality – these are the four pillars. When these are in balance, our life is better, and we are happier and stress less.

Are your Primary Foods in balance?
What can or should you do if there is an imbalance in your life to improve it?

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