In this Jumpstart session, together we look at what is your body possibly trying to tell you and how your current lifestyle and diet might be affecting it or not. I’ll review your nutrition and how you can boost and nurture your system and yourself.

Together we discover what is it that it is holding you back and how would you like to feel

  • More energized
  • Sleep better
  • Feel happier and be more alive, active
  • Know what to eatno more calories counting, no more diet or new trend – ‘I can’t keep up with them’
  • Weight less, maybe you want to fit in those specific clothes you have hiding in your wardrobe, or maybe it is the new swimsuit you’ve seen the other day in the magazine?
  • ‘go, bloated tummy go away’
  • Manage cravings and don’t feel hungry after you’ve just eaten
  • Feel more confident in your body
  • Have the energy to run around with kids and then have more energy to prepare a delicious simple meal, which everyone will enjoy
  • No more need for ‘pick me up’ around 3-4 pm
  • Or maybe a better sleep for your little ones, with fewer tantrums, happier and more focus kids


I might ask you a lot of questions to help me see the whole picture and be able to help you to my possible best so I can set you on the path to your own unique successful journey.

I’ll share with you some simple yet nutritious meal ideas, foods and/or products that you can integrate into your life straight away. I’ll pinch in some lifestyle tips that can be beneficial to your current situation.

By the end of the session, I will leave you with about 3 recommendations based on our conversation and what you will be happy to follow. This session is about you and for you, so we’ll create a plan how to move forward together, based on your health history and you.

This session is designed to let you understand that mind-body connection and transformation can be fun, yummy and achievable.

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