This program is created to dive in deeper and explore more areas of your life than in Jumpstart session. While in Jumpstart session we look mainly at Nutrition or a Secondary Food (as you will hear me referring to it sometimes), in Ignite your Potential, we shall look into Primary Foods as well.

Primary foods are divided into 4 parts – Career, Relationships, Body Movement and Spirituality (whatever Spirituality means to you. I am not going to convince you to follow or change your religion but rather encourage and embrace what you are already happy with)

We’ll talk about how and why Mind – Body – Soul/Spirit connection is important to overall health and how beliefs can affect lives and overall health.

During your 3 months program, we’ll have a 10 One on One calls (maybe we can call it a tea time parties?) We shall start by setting your goals and intention for our 3 months journey. We’ll talk more in depth how your body is talking to you and how to listen and answer to your body. We talk about food, what to eat, how to read labels and why calorie counting is not helpful, what to watch for and how not to diet ever again but enjoy eating healthy and be happy.

As everybody is different, have their own unique story, own journey – this 3 months program will be individualized to your needs. It might include (any or all) session where we look at importance of good night sleep, how to boost your energy, tackle stress and its affect on your health, body movement, mindset, Self Love, confidence, detox your home and life, let go of what doesn’t serves you any longer, daily gratitude or morning and evening routine.

There will be two implementation weeks in between, where you will have time for yourself but I will be available to support you through emails.

At the end of our three months together, during the last session, we will celebrate all your wins, no matter how small or big it would be. We will look how far you came, what you achieved so far and what’s next. I shall leave you by the end of our 3 months to make your own plan, next steps and tools to be accountable to yourself with a motto: Your Life Is Waiting.

Some clients enjoy our journey together and they graduate to my next level program where we meet once every two weeks. So, please do not worry if you will feel like you would like to continue for now, cause I’ll be here, standing by you.

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