I don’t eat out often but when there is a special occasion or catching up with friends after a long time, we make it a special occasion. So was it this time when after a while I managed to catch up with one of my close friends right on time for Mondays Special of the Day at Jamie’s Italian.

Must confess, it was the first time I ate there and it was yummy. We have even been invited to see a special of the day by the manager.

People often tell me that eating out can be challenging for them when they are working on improving their health conditions or losing weight. There are hundreds of diets which put many restrictions on the individual. Sometimes it can be very challenging and confusing to eat out.

As someone who doesn’t eat out often, it used to take me ages to decide what to eat. Since I became a Health Coach, someone who is working on balancing her hormones and autoimmune condition, I started to look at this topic differently.

My friends used to call me a ‘picky eater’ as I was fussy where we eat and what. I do love cooking and various flavours, different cuisines. Especially dishes I don’t know how to prepare yet. Sitting in a restaurant, looking through a menu of to me unknown dishes was a big challenge. Well, I was eating out and wanted to try something new but what if I will not like it? There are so many choices, which one to choose from?

Having many options on menu making my brain and taste buds go crazy as they want to try all at the same time. Knowing this challenge I would go through when eating out, I came up with a few tips I use to help me stay more focus and have both mind and taste buds satisfied at the same time.


  • Before you go out, SET your INTENTION to what you want to eat this time
  • Make a decision to stick to it
  • Remember your reason why you are doing it
  • Don’t look at the menu
  • Ask waiter/waitress to recommend something from menu which would be free from whatever you are staying away from currently
  • Keep your mind positive, remind yourself why you’ve chosen this journey and why this is Fun

Don’t forget to have a fan, enjoy this moment. Look at the bright side only, praise yourself for every small step you achieve by this experience.

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Love and Light


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