A quick snack, dessert after meal or just breakfast, you choose 😉

I love this thick and creamy yogurt from Duchy. Taste like my favourite yogurt brand back home. I found most of the yogurts in UK salty, watery or too sour. But this one is just right for me. The taste is divine.

This combo keeps hitting the right spots for me my taste buds. Blueberries with a mix of omega seeds – the whole group covered – protein, carbs, fats plus fiber.

REMEMBER to chew your food properly not just swallowing it.

It can be tempting to just swallow soft foods or chew mouthful a few times only and swallow it. I get it, we are living in fast ‘lane’ and sometimes times is running way too fast…

Digestion starts in our mouth. Chewing mouthful about 22 times, mixing food with saliva promotes better digestion, you will feel more satisfied as your taste buds will have enough time to send message to your mind – “hey I’m getting taste of this meal” and promotes weight loss, gives you more energy as your body will use less energy to digest food which is well broken down.

The weight loss part – chewing mouthful 22 times will make your mind and body more satisfied. Eating slower, with straight back, being more mindful of what we are doing, how we are chewing, having all tastebuds soaked in flavours will give your body enough time to send messages all over your body. Prepare your stomach for digestion, give brain signals that nutrients are coming in and send signals into different organs what to expect, what nutrients are on its way..

But mainly, your body will have enough time to know when it is full, when it is satisfied and will improve your cravings after meal you just ate.

If you are feeling tired after a meal, want help with eating healthier, feeling happier, weightless, have more energy, than let’s get in touch, book your discovery call or email me and let’s organise some time.

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