Are we really getting so disconnected from ourselves that when we have any symptom we are reaching out for tests and supplements nowadays?

Have we really lost touch with our own body and what is happening in our life?

Don’t take me wrong. Tests are great tools to help us. We can nowadays have a test done for everything but have we started to use it as a crutch, a band-aid?


Scrolling through my newsfeed and reading through some posts lately, I am realising most posts are about ‘what supplement should I take, what test should I have or ask my doctor to run’, etc..


Well, what is going on in your life? What has changed in your life? What changed before those symptoms started to show? How is your diet like? Are you feeling stressed, anxious, depressed? What is your biggest fear right now?


‘Eating clean’, ‘Eating healthy’ following a new/old DIEt, counting your macros – you name it – doesn’t mean it is the right thing for you and your biochemically unique body.


Our health doesn’t depend only on food we eat, minerals and vitamins we are missing/taking. There is a whole other aspect of your health and life to look at. In Integrative Nutrition we are calling it Primary foods.


Under here goes your relationships, your career, spirituality (whatever it means to you) – your belief system, movement, joy, home cooking, friendships, creativity, social life, home environment, education, health. Are they in balance?


Are you happy?

If you are living in stress, fear, worry, being anxious or depressed – this will affect your body and how it utilises what you eat, its minerals and vitamins, your feelings, what you thinking/believing, it will affect your sleep…


Yes, testing and supplements are great but before you reach out for them, connect with your body first and ask what is going on inside, what is happening outside? How am I processing different situation happening on in my life? Am I really seeing what is happening in my life or I am trying to numb my feelings, my intuition and instead of facing it I am reaching for a ‘band-aid’?


I see it so often. It is not only adults, but children are also going through this as well. One of my clients confessed to me she is so afraid of getting her period. She was so afraid of it that she was (unknowingly) making herself sick with a thought of becoming a woman and this whole change she had to face, go through. She got so anxious and depressed that she started to feel nauseous, having headaches… Parents took her to GP and everything was fine with her yet she was still experiencing these symptoms. Why? Because she was living in fear, stressing about it. Her parents did the best that they could do and they know to do.


As a parent, you are and will always do the best to your knowledge, there’s no doubt about it! Though, being a parent doesn’t mean you can read your child mind, or know everything which is happening in their life.


Another client, an adult, a successful man, yet he was having these unexplained painful pains in his stomach and feeling sick. He tried so many tests, supplements, detoxes, you name it. Nothing worked. Not until we addressed the root cause of it and found out what is causing it, what is triggering it, what started it. And then, just then we started to adjust his diet, run a hair tissue mineral test to see what is happening inside.


There are things/ triggers you will not find on any test, not even your GP would be able to tell you. You have to do the work by yourself, face your own fears possibly.


When you are going through a round of symptoms like pains in your tummy, indigestion, bloating, weight gain or loss, headaches/migraines, joint pains, trouble to sleep, palpitations, trouble to focus, brain fogs, PMS, anxiety, depression, fear, stress, food intolerances, skin issues, etc…. Always DO PAUSE, take a long deep breath in and let it slowly to go out -repeat it 4 times and then check in with yourself, with your own body and ask:

What is going on?

– What are you trying to tell me?

– What am I not seeing?

– What do I not want to face right now?

Write down whatever first thought comes in your mind and take it from there. What did you write? What your thoughts have in common? Is it fear? Maybe a stressful situation? Maybe you feel not enough right now, worry about what others think, your financial situation… – whatever it is, IT IS OK, it is going to be fine. You have done the first step to acknowledge these feelings.


Trust me – you already have the answer, you just need to access it.


If it is your child going through these symptoms, sit down and ask what is happening in their life? What are their worries, fears right now? How are their friendships and school? Do they look forward to going to school or meet their friends, teachers, people? Sit with them and give them a space to talk, even if it means you will be quietly sitting for some time. And if they don’t want to talk about it, that’s fine. At some age, children are more comfortable to talk to someone else as they don’t want to worry you (even though you tell them it is ok to do so). Help them to find someone else to talk to, someone they do pr can trust. And take it from there.


I am here to help you. I went into health coaching as I’ve been in your shoes. I went through this myself and I understand how is it to feel scared, lonely, anxious, lost and overwhelmed with all information out there. Online groups and searching engines are good but can give you an array of possible ‘diagnosis’ which often are not true for you.

Living in fear and stress of that maybe you have this or that illness, deficiency, reading or listening to ‘suggestions’ from someone who does NOT know you or have NO information about you, can have an effect on your health and mind. It can affect your whole life, just by living in fear and looking for different ‘crutches and band-aids’ and not really working on the root cause, on your whole mind-body and soul connection.

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